Could Artificial Intelligence Help the Easter Bunny?

Artificial Intelligence and the Easter Bunny

We’ve long believed Artificial Intelligence can benefit just about anyone. In the home, the office, and during leisure time, AI has countless potential uses. But could Artificial Intelligence help the Easter Bunny? It has a unique and quite complex job to do – in a very short amount of time.

Who is the Easter Bunny?

First, let’s consider what the Easter Bunny has to do. Firstly, it has to get a list together of all the children who have been good. Then it has to hop round one night while everyone is asleep and hide eggs. The next day the children need to go and find them.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

It’s all very vulnerable to getting complex, prone to last-minute changes and all sorts of interruptions. But the Easter Bunny could cut a lot of the issues out if it used AI. Allow us to explain.

Make ’em Behave

Firstly, this list of good children. We all know children can be prone to misbehaving seemingly almost without warning. But as we covered previously when looking if AI could help Father Christmas, Artificial Intelligence can certainly be useful for a rabbit hiding eggs. In just the same way as his fellow present-giver up in the North Pole, the Easter Bunny can have data provided by parents when children are being good or not, and then predict how they will behave up till the night when it is out and about. That will save valuable time deciding who is going to get an egg or not. Less hops, more hiding. The Easter Bunny is instantly more efficient.

Make a Map, Artificial Intelligence-Style

How else could Artificial Intelligence help the Easter Bunny? Deciding who gets an Easter egg is comparatively easy compared to the big problem; where should the Easter Bunny hide the eggs? Now this does present some challenges. The eggs can’t be too well hidden, but not so easy as to remove the sense of achievement when finding them. And they must also not be hidden where another person could find them first. Now that really would cause some tears to flow.

Thankfully, AI has the answers. By taking in the person’s movements over an extended period the platform can then learn and understand where that person is going to be during the morning after the Easter Bunny has paid a visit.  So this data could help the Easter Bunny to map out where to stash the eggs. Even better, by overlaying other people in the area, a broader picture reveals the optimum hiding places for everyone, and suggests the most ideal places to reduce accidental discovery by other folk.

Turn the Bunny’s Job Into a Real Pleasure

Artificial Intelligence and the Easter Bunny

This has a knock-on effect in helping the Easter Bunny to plan the route. The local weather forecasting will give planning guidance, which can also be combined with sun direction to ensure all eggs are placed in cool areas, and if any eggs need to be buried then geology details allow the Easter Bunny to know if it’s paws are going to be ideal or if it needs to rent an excavator – which it could rent in advance from the nearby tool hire company. AI could even help there with predicting the best time to ask for quotes, keeping the Bunny’s costs down.  There’s no end to how AI can help!

So there you have it. We’re all over this helping people to enjoy those special moments. Could Artificial Intelligence help the Easter Bunny? Absolutely!

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