The Augmented Insights Platform

As a software solutions provider you know the value of the data created within your applications. Your customers increasingly want to leverage that information to improve their operations, and highlight potential issues before they even appear. From healthcare to environmental science, energy, even agriculture, the demand for powerful, convenient data analytics is growing.

But providing data analytics from your applications takes considerable development time, can be expensive, and comes with the the risk it won’t work.

That’s why you should use the Augmented Insights Platform.

 powerful data analytics deployed fast    Fast & Convenient To Deploy

The Augmented Insights Data Analytics Platform is a robust Analytics As a Service your application can use to deliver deep insight into application data. It’s fast and convenient to deploy, removing the long development cycles you need to go through to produce. You simply hook up to our platform and we do the rest. 

Cost Effective Data Analytics   Cost Effective Data Analytics 

AI development is expensive. Using our platform minimises overheads and keeps your solution cost-effective for your customers to use.  In fact it help your solutions to become more valued by your customers, increasing loyalty to your business.

Reducing risk in data analytics  Reduces Risk

Extending your solution to include data analytics is a risk to your business. Delivering trusted data analytics requires in-depth expertise of the science and the technology that underpins it.

Develop from over 10 years research at Warwick University, our platform has gives you the confidence your solution delivers valued analysis and insight into your end user data.

CareTec.AI data analytics platform for healthcare  CareTec.AI – The Analytics Platform For Healthcare.

CareTec.AI is the original iteration of the Augmented Insights platform, leveraging data within your healthcare solutions to provide more and better insight to your clients. It is a web based data analytics as a service platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to enable health and care technology providers to quickly and easily embed advanced data analytics into their platforms. Discover more about CareTec.AI