Data analytics with Machine learning

Does your business data help you provide real customer satisfaction? Are you providing the most efficient, effective service possible? Are you helping your staff perform way beyond your competition? Data analysis services from Augmented Insights make it all – and much more – possible.

Augmented insights deliver tailored data science to help you make better decisions. Our expertise makes it easy and convenient for you to use statistics and machine learning to discover new insights into your organisation.

Insight Platform

Turning your data into meaningful operations insight – easily and conveniently 


We’re provide in-depth help and advice to enable you to realise the true potential of your data


Your people are key to maximising the value of your data. Our training helps them realise its potential

Your data issues. Resolved.

Augmented insights boosts your data analysis, giving you a better understanding of your work, your markets and customers. We turn the data within your solutions into knowledge, help you to make informed decisions, confidently implement change and pursue bold new strategies.

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