Data science consultancy

Our data science consultancy experience has been built from years of continuous academic research and development of data-centric software applications.

There are three key areas we can help you in:

Data management

Data science relies on data, we all know that. But choosing the right data, cleaning it and preparing it for analysis requires specific skill sets. Not only that, but there are also questions to be answered around the best way to store data that will be used for analytics and predictive modelling.

Data Analytics

Statistical analysis and visualisation are the key components to getting value from your data. We’ll help you analyse and visualise your data via attractive, easy-to-understand dashboards. You’ll get extensive reporting and realtime updates from our machine learning platform. Or we can show you how to get there within your own infrastructure.

Machine Learning

Rules-based systems for data analysis can only go so far. To automate a decision-making process, machine learning algorithms are the way to go. To get realtime insights and prediction you need something more than a set of rules. We have our own machine learning algorithms developed over ten years of research.