Introducing CareTec.AI

CareTec.AI data analytics platform for healthcare

Healthcare agencies are increasingly asking software vendors to enable their solutions to help them provide new insights into patient data. The growth in the use of data analytics helps agencies to monitor patient treatment programs and focus care towards those most in need. And with the emergence of artificial intelligence, use that data to accurately predict potential issues before they occur.

For software providers, introducing an AI layer to their application requires specific skills in data analytics, soaks up development resources and presents risk in providing a working solution. Issues that have held back many from offering AI features that their customers would truly value.  

CareTec.AI is an AI/machine learning service from the powerful Augmented Insights data analytics platform built specifically for solutions within the care sector. Based on over 10 years research from Warwick University, CareTec.AI improves health and social care by turning data into actionable insight with cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques.

Through CareTec.AI your software applications can:

  • Give care providers the insight they need to deliver care
  • Give technology providers the solution they need to turn their data into insight

It’s the next step in data analysis for health and care.

The fast, convenient way to augment your healthcare applications

CareTec.AI is designed from the outset to take the strain out of providing class-leading, cost effective data analytics. We use the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) to ensure your software solution taps into trusted, robust standards.It provides a six-step process that looks like this:

  • Business understanding
  • Data understanding
  • Data preparation
  • Modelling
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment

We take the hard work away from you, preparing your data for analysis and giving you a working model to deliver to your customers. And with CareTec.AI, our algorithms are designed to work with All Data, not just Big Data.

And the results? Simply brilliant. Take one software vendor who could show in the data an anomaly in fluid intake for a patient requiring investigation – uncovering an infection that could be treated promptly before the condition worsened. Or another client who can now see how a multi-step care record form is still useful for data analysis.

You can help your customers find actionable insight into data within your solution. Contact us today.

CareTec.AI Overview for Healthcare Solutions Providers

Download the CareTec.AI Overview for Healthcare Solutions Providers