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Changes to a website these days hardly warrant a mention. Long gone are the days when a new presence was cause for celebration, oohs and ahhs at a fancy new banner or gif. And that’s a bit of a shame really.  Seeing a new website is a good chance to re-read content and take a fresh look at how an organisation is presenting itself to the world.

So we thought we would actually mention we’re moving our website and taking the opportunity to plonk it within the ubiquitous WordPress platform. The main reason behind this is a desire to produce a lot more content to help you understand the benefits of data analytics. And this meant moving away from the original structure to a structure we could easily manage and support.

Looking ahead, we want to show via our posts how technology, via AaaS, is helping organisations take what can seem to be wild-growing data and turning it into reliable information that supports new ideas and strategic decision making. That should be great for you; having access to an ever-growing list of posts covering all sorts of topics will, we hope you will discover, help you understand the power of data insight.

We also thought we would try a minor experiment and reduce the more fancy, glitzy elements of web design. We’re not against any of that – we just question the relevance and practical use sometimes. And if all those images and rich features take up space which would be better used to help you, then we’ll ditch them. That doesn’t mean you won’t see another picture within our website ever again. But the pages will be a bit more focused on content rather than graphics.

The good news is the website will be down to a construction page for a short time and then the place will be back up and running in no time at all. But in case you need to get in touch just send a message to  and we’ll respond within one working day.

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