Meet Alice and Kate...

We imagine Alice (86), who lives alone. Her daughter, Kate, lives 2 hour’s drive away and worries about Alice’s health. Alice receives daily care visits, paid for by her local council.

She would like to reduce these as she thinks they are intrusive - they always come around when she is busy. Everyone else, however, thinks this is the best way to provide care for Alice.

Alice has recently had a sensor-based monitoring system installed so Kate can make sure Alice is OK. The system uses a set of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors (movement sensors, electricity usage sensors and door switches) that monitor Alice’s normal behaviour.

Data collected by the system is presented in a web-based front-end that Kate can log in to and make sure everything is OK with Alice.

Kate likes being able to keep an eye on Alice but doesn’t really understand the data that she is seeing and doesn’t like having to log-into the system to see what is going on. She could set some rules to send her an alert but she doesn’t feel confident using this part of the system. Alice’s carers could use the system too but they don’t because, like Kate, they don’t have the expertise to use the system or the time to monitor the data every day.

CareTec.AI use case

Now, imagine that the monitoring system used CareTech.AI. By leveraging the artificial intelligence and machine learning solution that CareTech.AI provides, Alice’s monitoring system has evolved. Now it uses AI to learn Alice’s normal patterns of behaviour and automatically generate alerts if these start to change. These alerts get sent to Kate and to Alice’s care team and explain the changes in Alice’s behaviour with simple, easy to understand graphics.

There are benefits to everyone that come from using CareTec.AI. Why not get in touch now?

Kate no longer needs to log in to the system every day, she is confident that she will be alerted to any changes she needs to know about, without having to configure the set of rules herself. Why not get in touch now to learn more?

Alice’s care team are also using the system as the AI data analysis and intuitive data presentation have lowered the barriers of use. Furthermore, they are considering integrating remote monitoring for more of their services because they can now deploy systems without having to configure them for individual users. Why not get in touch now?

Alice is also much happier because her care team have now used the monitoring system to change Alice’s care and improve her independence. They visit less, which Alice likes, but she also knows they will receive and act on alerts if they are generated. They have also identified a better time of day to visit when they do come to interrupt Alice’s routine less.

The technology provider also benefits – by introducing CareTec.AI into their product they can leverage the advantages of AI and machine learning to provide a USP for their product, increase their sales volumes and increase their share of the market.

By introducing CareTec.AI, everyone wins. so, why not get in touch now?

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