CareTec.AI is a web-based data analytics as a service platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to enable health and care technology providers to quickly and easily embed advanced data analytics into their platforms.

CareTec.AI takes both numerical and categorical data over time and builds a multi-layered model of normal health and behaviour for each individual person. Using that model, new data can be evaluated and changes in health or behaviour identified. These might be rapid, signifi- cant changes in one thing, or slower changes across a number of factors.

from data to insight

Out of The Box Functionality

CareTec.AI is designed to be an out-of-the-box solution, ready to work with minimal configuration and no lengthy development process. We provide a solution, not a toolbox, allowing technology providers to integrate our analytics with quickly and easily whilst maintaining a focus on their core business activities.

Data Flexibility

CareTec.AI can work with any numerical or categorical data, in any combination, allowing CareTec.AI to be embedded into any technology platform, regardless of the data that is used.

Fast Integration

CareTec.AI is API driven and offers a range of easy to use endpoints to allow fast and easy system integration, speed- ing up deployment times and allowing advanced analytics to be delivered to the customer fast.

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We believe that AI and machine learning are the keys to turning big data and deep data into personalised, predictive insight to empower preventative approaches to health and care. We’d love to talk to you and show you what we could do with your data.